Universal complete kit Active Sound incl. Sound Booster - outside installation

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KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro

The Sound Booster Pro – now with software to download

The Sound Booster simulates a large-volume engine (V6 / V8) or rather develops its own sound characteristics - thus the Active Sound system offers the perfect solution for a powerful exhaust sound at the push of a button.

KUFATEC offers the Sound Booster Pro for almost every car make and model. The prerequisite is a motor CAN bus system. This universal complete kit for installation outside can be adapted to your vehicle. You need sufficient space on the underbody of the car for the sound generator to be installed. This has a circumference of about 64 cm and height of about 16 cm.

The system at a glance:

  • this system is known by Audi, where it is installed ex works on every TDI engine with 313 HP
  • the sound generator simulates a large volume engine and partly downs out the typical TDI tone
  • no exhaust system can reach this sound
  • the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro grants an unique sound to the whole system
  • a powerful V6 / V8 engine sound (depending on settings)
  • LED status signaling for an installation without problems
  • 360° rotatable tailpipe allows simple and individual customization to your vehicle
  • choose between up to 6 sound profiles
  • profile 1 provides a decent sound for noise protection areas
  • change profiles with the push button, a remote control or with car integrated control possibilities
  • the push button should be installed at the front area (e.g. driver footwell)
  • adjust profiles and diagrams with the free software

Selectable options:

  • VW, Seat, Skoda – PRO
  • VW, Seat, Skoda – EXTENDED
  • Audi – PRO
  • Audi – EXTENDED
  • BMW E-Serie – PRO
  • BMW E-Serie – EXTENDED
  • BMW F-Serie – PRO
  • BMW F-Serie – EXTENDED
  • Mercedes-Benz – PRO
  • Mercedes-Benz – EXTENDED
  • Opel – PRO
  • Opel – EXTENDED
  • Hyundai – PRO
  • Hyundai – EXTENDED
  • Andere – PRO
  • Andere – EXTENDED

With the PRO version you get the control unit from Audi as external sound module (ESM) and the ESM from Maserati with the EXTENDED version.


  • this product is a universal complete kit, which means that the revision of the sound generator for your vehicle need to be done by you (optionally, metal and welding work is required)
  • please keep in mind that in some countries it is forbidden by law to use this Sound Booster on street because of the high noise emission

KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro: sound-booster.com